Connected Events through PWR Lab: Your First Steps After Registration

You’ve joined a Connected Event being run through PWR Lab, and you’re wondering what's next. Below are the basics. There are two different parts of PWR Lab that you may come into contact with:

PWR Lab Training App

PWR Lab Training App
 – found at or in the Apple/Android App Stores. Runners sync GPS devices to the Training App to monitor injury risk, forecast workouts, and stay healthy. We hope you'll try it and benefit from your data. There is no requirement to use this app to participate in the event!

SV Half Marathon Leaderboard

Event Leaderboard by PWR Lab – this is a public page where you can track progress and results. No accounts are necessary to view this or share it, and this cannot be found in the Training App. The Leaderboard will include links to other key pages.

Automatic Results or Manual Submissions?

  • AUTOMATIC results, also known as Verified results, come from your GPS data. 
    • Compatible* device users can have results automatically captured, validated, and uploaded to the leaderboard.
    • Data flows through the PWR Lab Training App in order for it to be Verified. This does not cost you anything.

  • MANUAL results are for those who don’t use a compatible* device, experience a technical difficulty (battery died?), or just prefer good ol’ fashioned honor-system submissions. 
    • Submit your results manually and the leaderboard will update instantly.
    • You do not need a PWR Lab Training App account to submit manual entries.

*Compatible devices are Garmin, Suunto, Polar, and COROS.
- You can also use the free Suunto app to record activities directly on your phone, even without a GPS watch
- Apple Watch, Strava, and Fitbit are not currently compatible
- Some participants send data from Apple Watch --> Run Gap --> Garmin Connect or Suunto App --> PWR Lab to get Automatic results (this can work, but it's not an officially supported integration)

3 Scenarios - Find Your Next Steps

You likely fall into one of three categories, each of which has instructions below:

A) I want Automatic results & have compatible GPS data. I have never created a PWR Lab Training App account before

B) I want Automatic results & have compatible GPS data. I already have a PWR Lab Training App account (my trial might be expired though)

C) I want Manual results. I won't be using compatible GPS data, and thus don’t need a PWR Lab Training App account


A) Automatic Results - I need to create a PWR Lab Training App account

You signed up for the Event and received a bib number. You’re showing up on the leaderboard without any results, and you want those Automatic results to flow through (you can find your Bib Number by searching for your name on the leaderboard).

  1. Sign-up for a free trial of the PWR Lab Training App
    – This works best if you use the SAME email address that you used to register for the event

  2. Follow the prompts on screen to link your device – this is a one-time process
    – Additional detail here if you need help linking a device. Note that you can always manage linked devices within the PWR Lab Training App, even if your trial expires

  3. If you used the same email address for event registration and PWR Lab sign-up, then that's it! Your PWR Lab Training App account and your Bib Number on the Leaderboard are now linked
    – If you did not use the same email addresses, then don’t worry: there’s one more step, in detail here

  4. Go run! Use your device to record activities, and sync them as you normally would. The activity data will be sent to PWR Lab and automatically processed for the leaderboard

  5. (Optional) Was that too easy? Verify that it worked:
    a) Go to your event's leaderboard, and find the Leaderboard Results tool (written as: My Results, Manage Results, Results & Profile, etc)

    b) Sign-in using your bib number and the email address you registered for the event with

    c) Click "Account"

    d) Look for the "PWR Lab Integration" header: it should show that the link has been established

B) Automatic Results - I already have a PWR Lab Training App account

Welcome back! Your Training App account already exists (log in here), so this is even easier

  1. If your event registration email & PWR Lab Training App account email are the same, everything is automatically linked (see step 5 above if you want to check, just to be safe)
    – If you did not use the same email addresses, then don’t worry: there’s one more step, in detail here

  2. If your GPS device is already linked to your PWR Lab account, the data will automatically be processed and sent to the leaderboard 
    – Additional detail here if you need help linking a device

  3. YOUR TRIAL EXPIRED: you try to sign-in but get stuck on the Payment Info page.

    a) Active subscriptions are NOT required to participate in the event: the data will continue to be processed and sent to the leaderboard, even if your access has expired

    b) You can manage linked devices (add or delete) at any time, even if the trial is expired, via the Profile page

    c) Want more time to trial the platform? Just drop us a note ( with a bit of feedback about your first experience with the trial. Ask us for more time and we'll take care of you

C) Manual Results - I don't need a PWR Lab Training App account

You're fine with uploading results manually for this event and don't have interest in trying the PWR Lab Training App. The only link you need to worry about is the Leaderboard

  1.  Does your event have a leaderboard online yet? If not - be patient, it's coming! Otherwise, navigate to the leaderboard and bookmark it. Once your name appears on leaderboard, you're fully loaded into the event and good to go
    – There can be a delay before you appear on the leaderboard: give it some time after you register, so the Race Directors have time to update the event. Heck, go for a run to kill the time!

  2. Find the Leaderboard Results tool (there will be a button at the top of the page, labeled along the lines of: My Results, Manage Results, Results & Profile, etc).

  3. Sign in using the email address you registered with, and the bib you were assigned

  4. Select "Activities" to see a list of all valid submissions. From here you can:

    a) Submit new manual entries by clicking "+ New Activity" in the top right

    b) Edit/correct manual entries by deleting the wrong data & resubmitting correct data

    c) Manage your Verified entries by excluding any you don't want to count toward your final results on the leaderboard

More questions or trouble?

Your event's leaderboard has links to How-To, FAQ, and Contact pages. Visit these pages to get help with your specific issue. 

If you have general questions or feedback about PWR Lab, Connected Training, or Connected Events then don't hesitate to reach out – we'd love to hear from you!
Adam Nash
About Adam Nash

Adam is a true generalist both in and out of sport. His love for the sport of running & experience with organizing competitive CrossFit events provide a useful backdrop for his role as Product Manager of PWR Lab's Connected Events. An engineer by training, he is data- and detail-driven, and can be found in the garage gym, hiking, climbing, or running when not at the keyboard.