How To Link A Device To Your PWR Lab Account

This post will walk you through how to link a smartwatch and transfer data to your PWR Lab account.

Linking A Device During Signup

The best way to get setup on PWR Lab is to link a device when creating an account. This allows for data visualization within minutes of signing up! After signing up for PWR Lab, navigate to the "Profile" page to input information about height, weight, and preferred tracking units (Imperial or Metric). After entering the requested personal information, scroll to the bottom of the screen to the header "Link Your Device(s)". 

Linking A Device To An Existing Account

Once an account is created, devices can be linked and unlinked at anytime. To link a new device, navigate to the profile page (using the menu in the top left corner), and scroll down to the section headed “Link Your Device(s).”

Select the icon that corresponds to the brand of smartwatch to continue. This page will redirect the user to their smartwatch's website to authorize a data transfer. Select authorize in order for data flow to occur.

Data Transfer

Once the data authorization occurs, it will begin to upload and be analyzed on PWR Lab. This process may take a few minutes if the account has a lot of recorded data.

The needle will move on the dial once data have been uploaded. At this point you have successfully linked a device and uploaded data to PWR Lab. 

Regular Data Transfers

In order for new data to be uploaded to PWR Lab, the smartwatch needs to be synced to its corresponding platform. Since you’ve authorized that platform to share data with PWR Lab, every time data is synced to their platform, it will be pushed into your PWR Lab account and automatically analyzed to help manage training load and continue to #RunHealthy!

New to PWR Lab?

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