How To Use The Daily Checklist

The Daily Checklist is designed to drive athletes' use of PWR Lab to maintain safe and productive training.

A great way to start using PWR Lab consistently is to complete the daily checklist on a regular basis. This will offer the fullest picture of an athlete’s training health and daily habits. The daily checklist allows athletes to input subjective data, which compliments the objective data we collect to provide a comprehensive overview of the athlete’s training and lifestyle. 

Four Simple Steps:

The checklist is broken down into four simple steps. It is meant to drive daily use of PWR Lab and provide an overview of why issues such as injuries and fatigue arise.
  1. First in the daily checklist, athletes can record how they’re feeling today, making sure to check in with themselves about your sleep, recovery, and any aches, pains, or illness they might be experiencing. After completing this step, hitting “save” and “exit” will return them to the dashboard.
  2. The next item in the checklist allows athletes to plan workouts in advance and see how each one impacts overall load. Athletes should aim for their workouts to be in the green to build fitness without increased risk of injury. Don’t forget to save workouts before returning to the dashboard.
  3. After completing the workout, athletes can upload data to PWR Lab through syncing their watch to the corresponding app (ie Garmin Connect, Suunto, Polar Flow, COROS). From the watch app or website, data from activities is pushed to PWR Lab.
  4. Once the athlete’s watch data has synced, they will be able to complete the final step in the daily checklist: reflecting on the workout. In this step, athletes are asked to reflect openly about how difficult their workout was and how it made their body feel.

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Megan Eckert
About Megan Eckert

Megan is a psychology student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an up-and-coming distance runner. She won her age group in her debut race (a hilly 50k trail run), and proceeded to place as the second woman overall in her next race (a 12-hour race through the slush and mud). Megan has a passion for running, hiking, surfing, and nature in general, as well as a growing curiosity for data