PWR Lab Forms Partnership With Midstate Massive

PWR Lab partners with Midstate Massive Ultra Trail to provide race participants with training tips and stats leading up to race day, and an overview report to summarize the race after completion.

Distance running is part of PWR Lab’s DNA, and ultramarathons are particularly near and dear to the heart of co-founder Adam Stepanovic, who has 13 hundred milers under his belt (and is currently training for UTMB, a hundred miler in the Alps with over 33,000 feet of elevation gain). It comes as no surprise that Adam and the PWR Lab team were thrilled to get involved with Midstate Massive Ultra Trail (MMUT), known simply as ‘The Massive’.

The Massive — Not Your Typical Ultra Trail Race

Midstate Massive is a point-to-point endurance challenge that traverses the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, following the Midstate Trail during peak New England autumn (October 12-13, 2019). The Massive features 30, 50, and 100-mile races and uniquely staggers start times to increase excitement as participants simultaneously converge on the finish line.

The Massive is committed to putting on a unique and special event. In addition to little touches, like the staggered wave starts and the craft beer after party, MMUT impressively boasts 5 UTMB qualifying points in its inaugural race. Midstate Massive honors some of the more traditional conventions as well, awarding a myriad of age group prizes and custom belt buckles for 100 mile finishers. Partners, sponsors, and prize package contributors include brands like Suunto, Arc’teryx, lululemon, and of course PWR Lab.

The Partnership — A New Look at Race Data

PWR Lab has agreed to provide custom analysis to the Massive and its participants in order to foster a truly one-of-a-kind ultra experience. MMUT race registrants who sign up for PWR Lab will receive insight into how others are training for the same event, in the form of emails containing training tips and stats about other runners in the field. 

PWR Lab’s data scientists will produce a final report to showcase the particularly challenging sections of the course for the runners involved. This will serve as a badge of honor for participants and race staff alike, and help ultra enthusiasts to understand the demands of the race in comparison to other, longer-tenured races that are more broadly known. PWR Lab is also working closely with race directors to craft an in-race challenge to be validated by watch data, the winner of which will receive a special prize package.

Learn More About MMUT & PWR Lab

Race Details

More information about Midstate Massive, including registration instructions and details about all aspects of the race, can be found on the event site here.

Be As Prepared as Possible

Whether or not you’ve already signed up for MMUT, you can get started with PWR Lab today. Sign up for your free trial and immediately take advantage of all your GPS watch data. PWR Lab will help you to predict risk, prevent injury, and perform optimally. 

Sign up for for a free trial of PWR Lab and see for yourself how good consistency feels. Sign up for both PWR Lab AND Midstate Massive, and you’ll automatically be added to the group of participants receiving custom analysis from PWR Lab’s data scientists!
Adam Nash
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Adam is a true generalist both in and out of sport. His love for the sport of running & experience with organizing competitive CrossFit events provide a useful backdrop for his role as Product Manager of PWR Lab's Connected Events. An engineer by training, he is data- and detail-driven, and can be found in the garage gym, hiking, climbing, or running when not at the keyboard.