PWR Lab Welcomes Arsène Guillorel to Ambassador Program

Former NCAA standout and rising French pro runner Arsène Guillorel joins PWR Lab's Ambassador Athlete Program to prioritize remaining injury-free, and spread awareness of preventable injuries in sport.

About Arsène Guillorel

The entire PWR Lab team is excited to welcome Arsène Guillorel as part of our Ambassador Athlete Program.

Arsène was born and raised in Brittany in the west of France. Inspired by Hicham el Guerrouj and Michael Phelps in 2003 and 2004, Arsène decided at a young age to make a career out of his athletic abilities, and began pushing his parents to allow more training at age 13. Despite only training as a swimmer, he proved to be a strong runner in his region, and moved into competitive triathlon at the age of 16. At 19 years old, Arsène raced a track 5k and qualified for the French U20 National Track Championships, where he placed 2nd. Despite his growing success in triathlon, Arsène preferred training as a runner, and took advantage of an opportunity to run in the NCAA at Samford University.

After arriving in the US, Arsène began embracing the lifestyle required of an elite athlete. Outside of classes, his world revolved around optimizing lifestyle and training, and his times on the track reflected the effort. Four years of Division I running resulted in ~70 seconds off his 5k time, 7 conference titles, 3 All-American honors, 4th place finish at NCAA Championships (10k), and the French U23 National Record for indoor 5000m. His current personal bests include:
  • 28:51.75 for 10,000m
  • 13:36.30 for 5000m
  • 8:02.22 for 3000m
  • 4:01.06 for 1 mile

After graduating with a degree in Economics in 2018, Arsène signed with Nike and moved back to France to train with an elite group in Reims. He is currently training in France and making plans to split time between Europe and the US in preparation for 2020.

Teaming Up With PWR Lab

PWR Lab’s Ambassador Athlete Program exists with a clear mission:

Together with its Ambassadors, PWR Lab will
  • raise awareness of the prevalence of preventable injuries in sport
  • equip coaches and athletes with the power to better influence development trajectories
  • shift focus toward proactive prevention of injury rather than treatment of athletes who become unnecessarily broken

Arsène shifted his sole focus to running far later than most runners of his caliber, and worked hard to achieve a successful ramp up in volume and ability over the course of his collegiate years. In his first year as a pro, Arsène experienced drastic changes in training environment and methodology that did not result in him feeling or performing his best, despite a continued dedication to the discipline required of an elite athlete. Not one to be discouraged or complacent, Arsène began to seek the changes required to reach his full potential as a runner.

PWR Lab empowers athletes to make informed decisions, and encourages each runner to “be your best CEO”. Arsène joins forces with PWR Lab with an understanding that success in sport is not a ‘one size fits all’ model, and a hunger to train in the context that will produce the greatest return on his efforts. Arsène will work closely with Coach Kevin Ondrasek (his 2015/2016 collegiate coach) in the coming months to optimize training and produce the greatest adaptation possible. Together with PWR Lab, Arsène and Coach Ondrasek will carefully monitor workload and preparedness, enabling elite-level training without losing the ability to plan for sustainable growth in pursuit of goals from now through the 2024 season.

Together with Arsène, and others like him, PWR Lab strives to spread the message that the intentional athlete and coach—at any level of the sport—can do things in a sustainable, healthful way that yields the best results and the best overall experience by far. We’re excited to get started with him!

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