PWR Lab Welcomes Sam McEntee to Ambassador Program

Australian Olympian & World Championship team member Sam McEntee joins PWR Lab's Ambassador Athlete Program to prioritize remaining injury-free, and spread awareness of preventable injuries in sport. 

About Sam McEntee

The entire PWR Lab team is honored to welcome Sam McEntee as part of our Ambassador Athlete Program.

Sam grew up in Perth, Australia, playing Aussie rules football and cricket before finding organized running a bit later than most of his professional peers. A big fan of sport in general, he grew to love the NFL while attending Villanova University, where he was a standout runner for the Wildcats. Sam achieved All-American honors in all three running seasons (cross country, indoor track, outdoor track) before graduating with a degree in Math and Economics.

Sam has been running professionally since graduating, and has represented Australia on the world stage at the 2016 Rio Olympics, 2017 Cross Country World Championships, and the 2017 Outdoor Track & Field World Championships. As a big fan of traveling and learning about new cultures, Sam enjoys the international nature of his running, which frequently brings him to North America, Europe, and elsewhere. His current personal bests include
  • 13:17.55 for 5000m
  • 7:41.03 for 3000m
  • 3:57.05 for 1 mile
  • 3:36.81 for 1500m

Sam is currently enjoying time in Australia, working toward a Master’s Degree in Finance while gearing up for 2020.

Teaming Up With PWR Lab

PWR Lab’s Ambassador Athlete Program exists with a clear mission:

Together with its Ambassadors, PWR Lab will
  • raise awareness of the prevalence of preventable injuries in sport
  • equip coaches and athletes with the power to better influence development trajectories
  • shift focus toward proactive prevention of injury rather than treatment of athletes who become unnecessarily broken
Sam came to the NCAA with relatively low base mileage, and enjoyed working with Coach Marcus O’Sullivan to achieve an intentional, consistent progression over his time at Villanova. Upon graduating, Sam burst onto the scene as a pro, qualifying for the Olympics and World Championships in back-to-back years, but was ultimately left burned out and injured.

Like most runners of his caliber, Sam has gone through a number of systems, some that have worked for him and some that have not. Sam joins forces with PWR Lab with an understanding that there's a better way to develop athletes than the current status quo: the opportunity exists to empower athletes to craft a system that will work best for them, sustaining health and consistent training long enough to realize their full potential.

It is clear to us that Sam possesses the talent, discipline, and drive to succeed at the highest levels of his sport—he’s already proven that. But he has a lot more in the tank than what the world has seen so far. In working with PWR Lab, Sam hopes to reduce the guesswork involved with achieving a sustainable trajectory, and maximize his performance on the track as a result.

Together with Sam McEntee, and others like him, PWR Lab strives to spread the message that the intentional athlete (and coach)—at any level of the sport—can do things in a sustainable, healthful way that yields the best results and the best overall experience by far. Let’s get to work!

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Dr. Jeff Moreno
About Dr. Jeff Moreno

Jeff, co-founder of PWR Lab, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. Passionate about running and playing, Jeff fundamentally loves people and movement of any kind. He strives to raise the bar in sport by finding ways to proactively prevent injuries and prioritize the long term development of athletes. He has been successful in employing a data-driven, hands-on approach to physiotherapy with National, World & Olympic Championship medalists in Track & Field from USA, China, Canada, and Mexico as well as many NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Judo, and Triathlon athletes