PWR Lab Welcomes Rachel Schneider to Ambassador Program

USA World Championship team member Rachel Schneider joins PWR Lab's Ambassador Athlete Program to prioritize remaining injury-free, and spread awareness of preventable injuries in sport.

About Rachel Schneider

The entire PWR Lab team is thrilled to welcome Rachel Schneider as part of our Ambassador Athlete Program.

Rachel was born and raised in Sanford, ME, looking up to her three older siblings and constantly wanting to do everything they were doing. As a result, she tried nearly every activity imaginable and grew to love the outdoors, developing passions for traveling, hiking, camping, paddle-boarding, canoeing/kayaking, skiing/snowboarding, and surfing that continue to this day. Her active lifestyle, combined with the time dedicated to swimming, basketball, and (especially) soccer, laid a foundation for the love of running she discovered early on.

After attending high school in Dover, NH, Rachel enrolled at Georgetown University and quickly
became a star for the Hoyas, earning All-American honors five times and participating in the NCAA Division I Track & Field Championships for all eight of her indoor & outdoor track seasons. She graduated with a degree in Human Science (with a minor in Philosophy) and remained a student at Georgetown through the completion of a Master’s Degree in Sports Industry Management.

Rachel signed with Under Armour in 2015, and continues to be represented by Under Armour & Total Sports US, and coached by Mike Smith. Her resume as a professional runner continues to grow, including highlights such as:

  • Gold Medalist, 2015 NACAC (1500m)
  • Semi-finalist, 2016 Olympic Trials (1500m)
  • 2nd place (5000m) & 4th place (1500m), 2018 USATF Outdoor Track & Field National Championships
  • Silver Medalist, 2018 Athletics World Cup (1500m)
  • Gold Medalist, 2018 NACAC (5000m)
  • 5th fastest American miler all time with 2019 performance in Monaco
  • 2019 IAAF World Championships Qualifier (5000m) - to be run in October 2019

Her current personal bests include:

  • 2:01.98 for 800m
  • 4:02.26 for 1500m (en route to mile)
  • 4:20.91 for mile
  • 8:46.44 for 3000m
  • 15:06.71 for 5000m

Rachel moved to Flagstaff, AZ in 2016 and continues to live there with her boyfriend and their three dogs. She is focused on becoming the best runner she can be and competing at the highest level possible. When not training and recovering, Rachel enjoys exploring Arizona, volunteering as a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, reading, and spending quality time with her family, friends and dogs.

Teaming Up With PWR Lab

PWR Lab’s Ambassador Athlete Program exists with a clear mission:

Together with its Ambassadors, PWR Lab will
  • raise awareness of the prevalence of preventable injuries in sport
  • equip coaches and athletes with the power to better influence development trajectories
  • shift focus toward proactive prevention of injury rather than treatment of athletes who become unnecessarily broken
Arriving to the NCAA relatively untrained, Rachel has worked hard for a consistent and sustained
progression in ability and performance. Early in her college career, Rachel experienced multiple heartbreaking setbacks with stress fractures and foot injuries. Working with Coach Mike Smith has ultimately resulted in her spending as much time (if not more) focusing on resiliency as she spends actually running (via recovery and injury avoidance). This awareness of injury potential and concerted efforts to avoid it have been revolutionary for Rachel's career, as she has seen consistent progress in everything from 400m speed to performance in 10k and beyond as a result of staying healthy for longer periods of training.

Rachel's experience with and ability to overcome the cycle of reoccurring injury makes her acutely aware of how impactful these setbacks can be for athletes. She is intimately connected to what PWR Lab is working to accomplish with runners at all levels, from weekend warriors to her elite peers. Together with Rachel Schneider, and others like her, PWR Lab strives to spread the message that the intentional athlete and coach—at any level of the sport—can do things in a sustainable, healthful way that yields the best results and the best overall experience by far. We’re ecstatic to have her join us in spreading that message, and providing athletes with a better way to approach injury prevention.

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