Remember, to correctly record a valid run, you must:

  1. Record your run specifically as a ‘running’ activity
  2. Record the entire run as one CONTINUOUS activity
  3. Stop your watch at the end — don’t just pause and walk away!

Pausing the watch does NOT stop the clock – it’s timed like a race!

Frequently Asked Questions

Basics & Essentials

Two options. Both are free, and you can use either, or mix both:

  1. Automatic sync (“Verified”), using GPS device, through PWR Lab Training App
  2. Manual submission of your results (honor system), no GPS device (and no PWR Lab Training App account) needed

Instructions for both are below in this FAQ

No! We have partnered with PWR Lab to provide offer automated tracking through compatible devices OR the ability to manually enter your results and track your progress.

GPS Watches:

PWR Lab is currently compatible with Garmin, Suunto, Polar, COROS, and Apple Watch.


If you don’t mind running with a phone, you may download the free Suunto app on your phone, and use that to record your activities. You can connect your new Suunto account to the PWR Lab Training App (via PWR Lab’s Profile page), and all the activities you record as “running” via that app will automatically be captured


Uploading FIT files, GPX files, screenshots, etc. is not supported in order to get Verified results. Strava is not compatible.

PWR Lab is a running analytics company that aspires to connect the world of sport. Their Connected Events help bring the running world together, while their Training App helps runners of any level predict risk, prevent injury, and perform optimally. The difference between the two is explained here.

You’re eligible to redeem a free trial on their Training App – no credit card info needed, no obligation, no risk – which begins when you create your account.

For more information on PWR Lab check out their FAQ, or YouTube Channel for tutorial videos.

Event & Participant Info

Only activities on or after the date you registered will count. Think about your time of registration as the time you cross the starting line: anything recorded before that cannot be counted, as you were not participating yet!

There is zero obligation to use the Training App, purchase anything, or subscribe in order to continue participating in the event. Your data continues even if your trial expires. We hope you will find PWR Lab to be a wealth of information and guidance in preparing for, participating in, and remaining healthy beyond this event!

The green Verified badge is reserved for participants who have uploaded 100% Verified data through PWR Lab.

Uploading FIT files, GPX files, screenshots, etc. is not supported in order to get Verified results.

Verified (Auto-Sync) Results

You must create a one-time link with PWR Lab’s Training App, and all syncing is automatic after that. You will be guided through the process of linking a compatible device during initial sign-up for a Training App free trial. You can also reference this article for help with linking a device.

Check to make sure that:

  1. You synced your device to the app/service (eg Garmin Connect). PWR Lab does not sync directly to your watch, but receives activity data from services like Garmin & Suunto after you sync to them.

  2. You have waited a few minutes (up to 15) for Garmin/Suunto/etc to send the activity to PWR Lab, and for PWR Lab to process it for the leaderboard after syncing your device.

  3. You have refreshed the leaderboard page to load the newest data

  4. The activity was recorded as a running activity, and not any other type (walking, biking, etc). Changing an activity to running after the fact will not allow the activity to sync.

  5. The activity was recorded after you registered for the event. Think about your time of registration as the time you cross the starting line: anything recorded before that cannot be counted with Verified results.

  6. You did not unlink your device from your PWR Lab account (you can check to see if your device is still linked via the Profile page in the Training App, even if your free trial has expired).

If the missing activity is not explained by the list above, you can go to the Training App’s Profile page to unlink & relink your device, and force activities to import. In rare cases this may be necessary to retrieve missing activities.

Only activities recorded specifically as a “running” (or “trail running”) activity will be imported, analyzed, and verified for the leaderboard.

  1. Record your run with a compatible GPS device 

  2. Record a “running” activity as one continuous activity

  3. Do not pause. Your total time between start line and finish line will be counted!

  4. Sync your device normally. It will automatically be sent to PWR Lab and processed for the Leaderboard! (be sure to refresh the Leaderboard)

If needed, you can manually exclude activities and make sure they don’t count toward the event results. Sign in to the Submit Results tool (get there from the Leaderboard), go to Activities, and choose which to exclude from the list by clicking the red exclude icon. The entire activity will turn red be labeled as Excluded

Honor System (Manual Entry) Results

  1. Click the “Submit Results” button at the top of the Leaderboard
  2. Sign In using the email address you registered with (on Race Roster) and your bib number:


  3. Click “Activities” from the Main Menu
  4. Click “+ New Activity” in the top right corner
  5. Fill out the form & submit
  6. Refresh the Leaderboard to see your updated results

Note that can also delete any Activities by clicking the red trash can icon. Simply delete and re-submit a correct result in order to fix errors

There are 3 places to look:

  1. The easiest is to search for your name on the Leaderboard, and your bib will be listed
  2. Your bib number should have been emailed to you shortly after registration
  3. You can find your bib number by signing into Race Roster

Other Misc. Questions & Info

We ask that you keep the most important pieces of this event in mind: fundraising! Unrealistic results are often caused by honest mistakes, and are caught then corrected. Quality checks are continuously occurring, especially when finalizing results.

If your free access PWR Lab expires, your participation in the event is NOT impacted! Your GPS data will continue to automatically upload to the leaderboard, even if you choose not to subscribe to PWR Lab. There’s absolutely no obligation.

The specifics are included below, and you can always reference PWR Lab’s privacy policy & terms of use

  1. When signing up for PWR Lab, you can authorize a connection between another running data service (eg Garmin Connect) and PWR Lab.

  2. This allows that service to send activities that you have recorded on your watch/phone and then uploaded. PWR Lab does not actually connect to your watch or track you: your activities are simply pushed through your Garmin Connect, Suunto App, Polar Flow, COROS, etc. account to the platform.

  3. This authorization remains intact until you choose to disable it. Even if your free trial expires, the account can continue sending your results to the race leaderboard.

  4. You can disable the link between PWR Lab and your connected services at any time.

  5. After connecting your service to PWR Lab, a green link/unlink icon will be displayed on your Profile page. To unlink your account at any time, navigate to the Profile page, scroll to the bottom, and select “unlink”.

  6. You can access the Profile page and do this at any time, even if your free trial has expired.

PWR Lab is a running analytics company created to help runners avoid training injuries. Our Training App is designed to import historical running activity, learn your personal baseline, and then give you completely customized training guidance and injury risk forecasting.

You’re welcomed to use the Training App for automated mileage tracking during the event. If you do not wish to redeem your free trial and link a device then no worries at all – there is a manual entry option and none of your data will need to flow through PWR Lab. If you do choose to link your device, your historical activities may be imported for the sake of establishing that baseline, and linked services will continue to send new activities until you deactivate the link.

Need additional help? We got you covered – shoot us an email at

Please try to include the event name, your bib number, and any specifics you can provide. URLs and screenshots are very helpful!