Connected safely, despite physical separation

PWR Lab’s Connected Events are designed to be timeless, and are equally well-suited for times of Social Distancing and “Business as Usual”. These races, challenges, trackers, training aids, and wellness programs bring people together in the pursuit of competition, challenge, accountability, and motivation — without requiring people to physically amass at a starting line.

As with any event or activity, we strongly encourage that you are safe, responsible, prepared, and aware while participating in Connected Events. Please remain in tune with common sense, good judgment, and reliable directives from relevant and credentialed sources. 

Below are some specific guidelines that we insist you follow while participating in a Connected Event


1. Take safety precautions

  • Be familiar with the routes: specific directions as well as the demands of the course
  • Ensure the areas you plan to run are safe, and places you are comfortable running
  • Anticipate (or avoid) hazards such as obstructions & weather conditions​

2. Have a responsible game plan

  • Run with a phone, or means of contacting someone if needed (especially if running alone)
  • Ensure someone knows where you are: your start, route, and anticipated finish
  • Give yourself enough time, daylight, and fuel to execute your plan (with some margin for error!)

3. Prepare for the challenge ahead

  • Ensure you are mentally & physically prepared to attempt the task at hand
  • Rest, warm-up, hydrate, fuel, and stretch properly as you would for any other strenuous task
  • Familiarize yourself with the game plan and be mentally prepared for the effort

4. Be aware of others, guidelines, and regulations

  • Stay constantly in tune with your surroundings: others in proximity, animals, cars/traffic, etc.
  • Ensure you know & abide by the local laws, guidelines, and regulations associated with COVID-19
  • Familiarize yourself with etiquette for shared paths, public lands, and routes you will be running

COVID-19: Resources For Running During The Pandemic