PWR LAB Training

The PWR Lab system delivers exceptional training for runners.

Running injuries affect every runner. Upwards of 60% of these injuries can be attributed to basic training errors. With your help, we will put an end to all overuse running-related injuries.

PWR Lab System

Run injury-free with PWR Lab.

The status quo is unacceptable. We believe in elevating runners of all abilities to accelerate performance and run injury free. We work hard to equip you with more than just outdated anecdotes and conventional wisdom.

PWR Lab gives you confidence in your training. We interpret your data to help you gain understanding and awareness of your body's signals that lead to avoidable injuries.

Your personalized dashboard will improve your awareness and help you run better, run healthier, and run for life.

Whether you run casually or train for higher competition, take advantage of your data to shape the future of your running.

Connect. Collect.

Connect to the PWR Lab Training App

Connected Runners who use PWR Lab Training App enjoy an integrated experience unlike any other.

Connecting to PWR Lab is simple. Sign up and we’ll automatically walk you through the process of connecting your device and collecting your data. PWR Lab will import your historical training data within a few minutes, and you can start using your state-of-the-art PWR Lab Dashboard right away.

Using PWR Lab is easy… JUST RUN!

Step out the door and go… train normally with your compatible GPS device

Sync your watch

That’s it!

The PWR Lab Training Dashboard

Correct Loading: instantly discover and act on your training load-related injury risk

Consistency: easily track key training metrics (like weekly mileage, duration, and pace)

Capacity: visualize your overall fitness level (current & trend)

Control: monitor your daily/weekly training intensity for race-day preparedness

Wellness: injury and illness reporting

Forecast: plan future workouts and races as it relates to your individual risk of injury and training preparedness

Dashboard Training

Download Our Mobile App

Wherever you go, all your PWR Lab data lives in your pocket.

The PWR Lab mobile app, for Apple and Android devices - download now to bring your data to life on your mobile devices.