PWR LAB Individual

The leading data-driven training platform for every runner

Use your GPS watch data to optimize training, stay consistent, and maximize performance
PWR Lab System

The PWR Lab System

The PWR Lab system for athletes easily syncs with and grabs a wealth of data from your smartwatch, and synthesizes that data with running science principles and powerful data analytics to deliver the PWR Lab Training Dashboard. The Dashboard provides knowledge and awareness of key variables and concisely presents and highlights the positive and negative effects of your training on your running power, overall preparedness, and resiliency in regards to injury risk.


My favorite thing about PWR Lab is the Training Planner. It is like my “Magic 8 Ball” for training to tell me if I am being overly ambitious with my workouts. PS: I'm willing to quit my job in order to attend trade shows to give testimonials about PWR Lab!
Becki K.
Teacher & Track Coach
Former NCAA Runner
It's a running life changer! Allows me to run healthy, so I can keep going for the long run!
Charissa S.
Fleet Feet Run Coach
Avid Runner & Coach
I rely on your platform to help me be smart about my training. My TRAINING. How completely awesome is it that I can even think about my running in that context again!? Grateful for every single day out there, and for smart and motivated people like you who help me make it happen.
Jennifer S.
Running Enthusiast
Getting Started

1. Collect Training Data on Watch

2. Sync Data

Getting Started

Getting started with PWR Lab is simple. Sign up for your 30-day free trial, and we’ll automatically walk you through the process of linking your device. PWR Lab will import your historical training data within a few minutes, and you can start using your state-of-the-art PWR Lab Dashboard right away.

Using PWR Lab is as easy as...

Train normally with your compatible GPS device

Sync your watch to Garmin, Suunto, or Polar account

That’s it! Explore your updated data on PWR Lab

Discover Insights Into Your Training Data

Easily track key training metrics (like weekly mileage)

Instantly discover your workload-related injury risk

Monitor power output to gauge race-day preparedness

Visualize your overall fitness level (current & trend)

Identify sub-optimal stride characteristics

Forecast your upcoming workouts and races