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Best-in-class "connected" events for event organizers.

PWR Lab Connected Partners

Unlock the potential of your community's GPS wearable device data with PWR Lab.

PWR Lab offers unique tools and insights to help you improve your business and engage your customers. Whether you're an event organizer, brand connecting with your runners, researcher, or NCAA or private coach, connect directly with your athletes through their anonymized health data. In return, you reward them with products and services they helped you design and deliver.

Organize Your Event

Organize Your Event Anytime, Everywhere

Bring your race to the PWR Lab Connected Events platform. PWR Lab provides your runners with an awesome running event experience.

We build and manage all the tech – the website, the registration, the leaderboard, the results tracking, the customer service.

All you have to do is invite your audience to join the event.

Contact us today to get started risk free and with no commitment. Let's see what we can build together!

Connecting Brands

Connecting Brands & Athletes

Every athlete has a story to tell. Our job is to connect you to those stories through their data so you can listen more carefully. PWR Lab’s Corporate Partners have deep insights into their current and future customers, for community building & engagement, sales & marketing, and research & development.

Our internal data, including 2 million existing activities, 2 million existing hours, 50+ billion existing data points.

We can also aggregate anonymized info for 35+ million athletes worldwide between Garmin, Suunto, Coros, Polar (Apple Health coming soon)

This real-world data is a powerful basis for future innovation and engagement.

Connected Corporate Wellness

Connected Corporate Wellness Fuels Engagement

The most effective routine is the one you stick with, and Corporate Wellness Programs are no different. Sparks will fly as your company’s team rallies around a fun, motivational wellness event that keeps people engaged for the entire duration.

Boost morale, movement, and health.

Keep your workplace healthy and engaged with unique, connected fitness events.