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Use GPS Watch Data to Improve Performance & Reduce Injury

Data Science

PWR Lab is where sports performance meets state-of-the-art data science. Link your GPS smartwatch and immediately see the power of cutting edge sport science research applied to millions of data points. The PWR Lab Dashboard provides athletes and coaches with simple, powerful data visualizations ranging from basic metrics (distance, time, pace, cadence) to proprietary and advanced calculations, including power output, critical power, ground contact time, and effort- and volume-based workload.

PWR Lab assesses the quality of your workouts in the context of your overall training, continuously calculating the current status of research-based injury risk factors. PWR Lab guides athletes and coaches toward training decisions that result in greater Preparedness, Wellness, and Resiliency. By using PWR Lab, runners can train with confidence, improve performance, achieve better results, and reduce risk of injuries. See our individual athlete and team pages for more information.


I firmly believe that using PWR Lab was an integral part of our team’s success last season, and am thrilled to have the entire team on it this year.
Felipe Montoro
Head Coach, T&F / XC
Santa Clara University
PWR Lab has helped us reorganize our approach to training with athlete health at the center. They understand how to address the demands of high-performance training within an environment designed for the long-term flourishing of the athlete. Our runners are healthier, faster, and more excited about the sport because of PWR Lab's involvement in our program.
Alex Lyons
Head Coach, T&F / XC
Lyons Township High School
Today marks one full year of PWR bars for me. I am excited to be on a journey that I didn't even think was possible. I started my Friday with a beautiful pre-dawn run during which I set personal bests at 5k (25:38) & 10k (52:06). Grateful. Just *profoundly* grateful.
Jennifer S.
Running Enthusiast

Individual Athletes

The PWR Lab system for athletes is designed to support and direct individual athletes their greatest sustainable athletic capacity by maintaining low injury risk.

Data-Driven athletic performance system for runners

Better, smarter, healthier training for every athlete

Works seamlessly with Garmin, Polar and Suunto smartwatches



PWR Lab Team Dashboard gives coaches unique insight into injury prevention, wellness, and preparedness to increase athlete availability and outcomes across the length of the season.

Cutting edge data science to help your team

Individual athlete alerts

Detailed analysis of every athlete and every training session

Predictive training plan analysis

PWR Lab helps produce healthier, higher-performing athletes!


PWR Research

"PWR Research" offers organizations and institutions anonymized sports performance data and consulting services to help push the boundaries of their in-house performance research or deepen the existing knowledge base. Whether you need data, or our data science, we can help with the following:

Robust data access and data manipulation

Our internal data, including 12 thousand existing activities, 14 thousand existing hours, 50 million existing data points

We can also aggregate anonymized info for 35 million athletes between Garmin, Suunto, and Strava