An Open Letter to Student-Athletes

By Coach and Minnesota Distance Elite Runner, Breanna Sieracki

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be this: give yourself some grace.

Being a student-athlete is exciting and challenging. There will be ups and downs both in academics and athletics. Celebrate the ups, but don’t beat yourself up about the downs. Your worth is not defined by your grades, achievements, or times that you run.

Be passionate about what sets your soul on fire, but don’t let your expectations diminish that fire. I see so many young student-athletes put so much pressure on themselves that they forget to be kids. You don’t need to have life figured out at 16. Be spontaneous. Be goofy. Learn from mistakes and disappointments, but don’t let them derail your confidence and joy.

High school only lasts 4 years. You’ve got your entire beautiful life ahead of you. Enjoy the journey, find joy in the simple things, and always remember to give yourself grace.

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Breanna Sieracki
About Breanna Sieracki

Born and raised in Spring Valley, WI, Breanna grew up playing basketball and running for the pure enjoyment of the sport. Breanna is a 3-time USATF Track and Field Championship qualifier in the 5k and steeplechase, running for Minnesota Distance Elite. She joined MDE after graduating from University of Minnesota, Duluth in 2017 where she was an 8-time NCAA DII All-American. Breanna now coaches at Wayzata Middle School and enjoys spending her free time out on the trails and with her family.