Hills – The Most Versatile Training Tool

We've all heard the saying "Hills Pay the Bills", a testament to the extreme versatility of hill workouts. Training on hills has powerful benefits for runners of all levels, and can be used to improve everything from aerobic capacity to mechanics at top speed. Enjoy this video breakdown & 3 example workouts!

Should I Be Incorporating Hills In My Training?

Short answer: YES!
Hill workouts are a critical component of many training philosophies, and have long played an important role in the development of strength, speed, and endurance. A well-designed and appropriately timed hill workout will elevate any training program, regardless of the desired stimulus. From sustainable aerobic efforts all the way through short bursts of max intensity sprinting, hills have a role to play. Training for a marathon? 5k? What about a quick mile on the track? Watch the video below to learn about incorporating regular hill work in order to boost your performance.

Hills Pay The Bills – Video Breakdown

3 Hill Workouts That Will Elevate Your Training

Aerobic Hill Session:
Long Hills Reps

8 x 300m @ 5k-10k pace on jog down rest

Anaerobic Hill Session:
Mile Pace 200's / Seb Coe Ladder on hill

2 x (6 x 200m) @ mile pace on walk/jog down rest
200-220-240-260-280-300m @ mile pace, working down to 800m pace on walk down rest

Max V Hill Session:
Power / Overspeed Development

20-80m climbs @ 90-100% on 4-6 min standing rest
30-60m slight downhill runs (GOOD MECHANICS REQUIRED) @ 85-95%

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