How To Link Your Bib Number and PWR Lab Account

This blog will walk you through how to link your race registration (bib number) to your PWR Lab account.

From The Event Homepage

To connect your account and bib number, begin from the homepage of your event. From the homepage for your event, select the "Results and Profile" tab. You will be redirected to a sign in page where you enter the email you used when registering for the race, and the bib number that was provided to you. Once you've entered your credentials, select "Sign In With Race Info".

Main Menu

You will be redirected to a Main Menu page with two tabs, "Activities" and "Account". Select the "Account" tab to proceed.


From the "Account" page, select "Sign In with PWR Lab" under the "PWR Lab Integration" header. You will be redirected to a sign in page.

PWR Lab Sign In

Upon landing on the sign in page, enter your PWR Lab credentials and click "Sign In". (Note: your PWR Lab password requires a special character!). You will be redirected to the "Account" page when you have successfully linked your PWR Lab account.

New to PWR Lab?

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Megan Eckert
About Megan Eckert

Megan is a psychology student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an up-and-coming distance runner. She won her age group in her debut race (a hilly 50k trail run), and proceeded to place as the second woman overall in her next race (a 12-hour race through the slush and mud). Megan has a passion for running, hiking, surfing, and nature in general, as well as a growing curiosity for data