PWR Lab Teams Up With Role-Model Pros

PWR Lab launches an official Ambassador Athlete Program to connect passionate and intentional athletes to PWR Lab’s brand, mission, and continued development as an athlete-centric company.

PWR Lab has always been and will always be an athlete-centric company. As PWR Lab grows and seeks to reduce injury rates in a host of ways—data science, software, research, therapy, and coaching, to name a few—maintaining emphasis on better outcomes for athletes remains a critical priority. The launch of PWR Lab’s Ambassador Athlete Program is a natural step forward in the pursuit of that mission.

Ambassador Athlete Program Objective

The PWR Lab Ambassador Athlete Program connects passionate and intentional athletes with the PWR Lab brand. These Ambassadors become representatives of the PWR Lab brand, and thus the greater mission and vision that PWR Lab is seeking to perpetuate. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to leverage PWR Lab in their own pursuits of injury-free free excellence, and will use their expertise and platforms to help shape the direction of PWR Lab for the people who look to them for guidance and inspiration.

Together with its Ambassadors, PWR Lab will raise awareness of the prevalence of preventable injuries in sport, equip coaches and athletes with the power to better influence development trajectories, and shift focus toward proactive prevention of injury rather than treatment of athletes who become unnecessarily broken.

What To Expect

Athletes represent an incredibly motivated, dedicated, and disciplined population, and PWR Lab’s Ambassador Athlete Program ultimately creates a platform for connecting that passion with our dedicated effort to reducing rates of preventable injury.
In the coming weeks and months, PWR Lab will introduce and continue working closely with the cohort of athletes who make the success of this program possible. These Ambassadors will continue to be role models in their respective arenas, and PWR Lab will work to keep them injury-free, enabling the program to grow and become more impactful.

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PWR Lab decodes your masses of second-by-second training data and visualizes the insights that matter most. Athletes in motion use PWR Lab to track workload, monitor risk factors, learn about stride characteristics, and forecast future races & workouts. 

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Dr. Jeff Moreno
About Dr. Jeff Moreno

Jeff, co-founder of PWR Lab, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. Passionate about running and playing, Jeff fundamentally loves people and movement of any kind. He strives to raise the bar in sport by finding ways to proactively prevent injuries and prioritize the long term development of athletes. He has been successful in employing a data-driven, hands-on approach to physiotherapy with National, World & Olympic Championship medalists in Track & Field from USA, China, Canada, and Mexico as well as many NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Judo, and Triathlon athletes