PWR Lab Brings Progressive Therapy Practices To Santa Cruz Runners

Co-founder Dr. Jeff Moreno announces new clinical service offering, launched to drive the adoption of PWR Lab and data-informed training decisions in a hands-on fashion, hosted by Precision Physical Therapy & Fitness.

I am thrilled to announce the next step in my evolution as a physical therapist: the launch of physical therapy services—hosted by Precision Therapy & Fitness in Santa Cruz, CA—aimed at connecting runners to their training data through PWR Lab, and restoring them to pain-free movement. Through this venture, I continue my passion for helping people to optimize the interconnectedness of health and performance. I also continue to emphasize the importance of building an injury prevention company that can successfully connect the data analytics and software to real-life, actionable decisions that truly make a difference for the athletes involved.

The Union of PT and Data Analytics

This decision is one of many that will bolster PWR Lab’s ability to continue doing four worthwhile things for the athletes we work with:
  1. Healing - working to diagnose & remedy current symptoms of injured athletes
  2. Preparing - emphasizing the importance of being proactive and intentional, in order to help athletes establish a strong foundation capable of withstanding life's future stressors
  3. Informing - connecting athletes to their data to ensure that health is maintained and that the resulting consistency drives them to peak performance levels
  4. Training - holistically developing each athlete to become more efficient in the pursuit of goals, minimizing setbacks due to training errors along the way
I have been blessed with the opportunity to work in the trenches with some of the best coaches and athletes from around the world, ranging from recreational to world-class, and including national, World & Olympic medalists. I have learned over and over that the long term development of athletes requires a proactive approach to injury risk and NOT just therapy in response to symptoms. I believe that we can proactively increase both health and performance by connecting our deep understanding of human movement with data science and that we can take athletes who may be broken today, and ensure that they are proactive and resilient tomorrow. 

I’ve spent a significant portion of my life working with athletes who are injured and have been blessed in many cases to become part of their proactive buffer against future injury. Though growing a young company has taken much of my time, I am dedicated to continuing the work that inspired me to begin on this journey in the first place: helping the currently injured return to doing what they love.

‘Progressive’ Therapy: Heal One Time for a Lifetime

Physical therapy at PWR Lab is progressive in multiple ways. Not only does it combine a hands-on approach to physical therapy with the data collected from GPS watches, but it also serves to educate the athletes involved, literally progressing them from a reactive state to a proactive state. Furthermore, this progressive therapy is becoming a model for other physical therapy clinics that we work and partner with. Facilitating transformation through data—fostering Preparedness, Wellness, and Resiliency as a result—is ultimately what drives me to work in a largely broken healthcare system every single day.

How to Get Started

In 2 Minutes or Less

Scheduling an initial assessment or booking an appointment with me is effortless and completely automated: simply select an open time slot through my online booking system.

If you have any questions about PWR Lab, physical therapy, or how to help spread our message, reach out to me via email:

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Dr. Jeff Moreno
About Dr. Jeff Moreno

Jeff, co-founder of PWR Lab, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. Passionate about running and playing, Jeff fundamentally loves people and movement of any kind. He strives to raise the bar in sport by finding ways to proactively prevent injuries and prioritize the long term development of athletes. He has been successful in employing a data-driven, hands-on approach to physiotherapy with National, World & Olympic Championship medalists in Track & Field from USA, China, Canada, and Mexico as well as many NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Judo, and Triathlon athletes